We spark human connections at scale
We create new digital experiences that ignite human interactions and build products that redefine how people communicate.
We create new digital experiences that ignite human interactions and build products that redefine how people communicate.
We are a team of innovators who envision new bold ideas and turn them into digital products that people love.
A one of a kind team of engineers, product wizards and designers
Products launched across the globe
We are on the mission of discovering new ways to ignite new relationships and create not just new products, but digital trends.
We innovate
We have created a flat trusting environment, where we collaborate and support each other across the entire team.
We hate bureaucracy
It takes courage to try a novel approach or launch a new concept. We welcome the challenge with a culture of persistent testing and a team who knows what it takes to build products used by millions.
We dare
Social apps meet 3D and AR
We create apps with immersive social experiences leveraging the most advanced capabilities of smartphones in our pockets.

It's very exciting to apply 3D modelling, augmented reality, face mapping and other cool new tech to help people have fun and connect with each other.
Video and streaming
Today it's simply impossible to imagine any online social interactions without video. That is why we're growing multiple video communication and streaming products in our portfolio.
Social discovery
We spark new relationships using our vast experience in building social platforms and deep understanding of human interactions.
We connect people around the globe online
Quintessential entrepreneurs and passionate problem solvers who always bustle with new concepts, exciting features and new product strategies. They are all about coming up with new ideas, testing, learning and iterating at a neck breaking speed.
Definitely the most creative and happy bunch, led by a very inspiring but protective creative director. Always busy with sketching new concepts for an app, coming up with a beautiful artwork or preparing assets for a new ad campaign.
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The largest and particularly capable team in Ignited. They can build everything from web and mobile multi sided platforms to advanced iOS applications with 3D and AR technologies. Everything that can be clearly specced, they can make it work.
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One of the strongest and most innovative teams who is absolutely killing it, when it comes to ROI and finding new traffic sources. They are hustlers who cover the entire range of digital marketing agency work in house, from the paid search to SEO, affiliate and beyond.
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Front-End Developer
Front-End Developer
We are a growing, fast-paced global team based in the hearts of these cities.
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